Silverlight 5 Hosting – New Features in Silverlight 5

Silverlight 5 is a great news for all us, the Silverlight developers. Silverlight 5 comes with a lot of cool new features.

Announcement from Microsoft gives lot of hope to the Silverlight developers and end users.

For developers, the new features in Silvelright 5 include newer controls, better databinding capabilities to improve developer productivity, ability to call Win32 APIs and managed libraries.

Read below for the list of new features available in Silverlight 5. The set of features explained below are based on the early announcement from Microsoft.

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Silverlight 5 new features

Here is the list of new features coming up in Silverlight 5:

• Silverlight 5 will support GPU accelerated video decode. This moves a lot of load from the CPU to the graphics processing unit and will significantly reduce the load on CPU.

• Variable speed playback of media content with automatic audio pitch correction will allow media to run at faster or slower speed, but still listen to the audio without losing the clarity. This is an excellent feature for training videos, quick watching of various video content etc, but still listen to the audio while you play the video faster.

• Improved power awareness helps Silverlight applications to prevent screensavers while a media is being played.

• Silverlight 5 will support remote control devices for controlling media.

• Silverlight 5 offers improved databinding capabilities and better developer productivity.

• Silverlight 5 will offer WS-Trust support.

• Silverlight 5 will offer improved support for MVVM pattern.

• Improved graphics support in Silverlight 5 allow developers to take advantage of GPU.

• Silverlight 5 enables support for accelerated 3-D graphics

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