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Mobile application development companies are now building strong foundation of human and technology resources building superlative Windows Phone applications using the Silverlight Development platform. A framework similar to Adobe Flash, it allows developers to generate a variety of applications on WP7, those manipulate various media, including customised business, mobile commerce, enterprise collaboration and utility applications, navigation and location based services, RIA, Social Media, Branding and Cloud Computing solutions. A thoroughly persuasive platform, its compatibility over devices, browsers and OS makes it a compelling story for bespoke application development or migration of web applications onto Windows Phone, throwing up new heights of interactivity and user experience. Integrating the Silverlight toolkit in Visual Studio.NET IDE for WP7 development, developers can extract the best of both the worlds, wherein the APIs allow developers to build efficient code-sets and business logic with significantly less number of code-lines. Its runtime’s ability to integrate graphics, animation and interactivity on a single environment, that boasts of a rich class and UI library, and support for a wide range of third-party codec, allows developers to churn out best-of-breed WP7 applications, utilities and widgets.

The framework’s ability to separate the presentation layer from the business logic layer allows designers and developers to work concurrently and collaboratively – significantly reducing time, complexities and fallacies associated with linear and sometimes incongruent development methods. Developers can use the event-driven framework’s out-of-browser model, consisting of XAML with supporting code, stock controls and a visual control tree, with its ability to imbibe vector graphics and audio-visual resources to build and publish Windows Phone Applications. The framework offers great support for customisation of visual elements, which is achieved by using the Styles or by setting Templates of the available controls as well as the controls themselves including those assisting layout, input, selection or display. One needs to efficiently leverage the dependency properties of the MVVM Light pattern to use them in styling and binding. The framework’s web-like navigation style integrates well with the Windows Phone’s navigation model. Due to cross-platform nature of the platform’s controls, originating in C#, they are easily portable to WPF. Basic, Pivot or Panorama Applications – developers need to master the art of delivering killer applications on Windows Phone, using the developer tools with the expression version of Visual Studio 2010, a phone version of MS Expression Blend and the Telerik report development control, along with the supported project types and the emulator.

Service providers need to garner strong expertise in innovative and feature-abundant Windows Mobile Applications and Silverlight Application Development. From WinMobile 2003 to WinMobile 6.5 and WP7, Windows CE and Pocket PC Phone Edition – they need to specialise on myriad mobility platforms. A strong skill-base in XNA & Silverlight backbone frameworks for WP7 service providers will have serious ammunition for cutting-edge, secure, stable and scalable Windows Phone Application Development. One needs to ensure that the applications pass the Windows Phone store review conforming to the guidelines and standards. Business, utility and other data-driven Silverlight Services and Applications for the Windows Phone are sure to significantly improve branding, productivity, flexibility, responsiveness, security and competitiveness of enterprises.

The benefits of leveraging existing Silverlight knowledge, components and applications and integrating them with SharePoint 2010 are numerous. Since the codes run on the client, one can utilise threading and asynchronous calls to offer responsive user interfaces and to take advantage of modern multi-core microprocessors in client computers offering great response times. Rich controls, animations, and exhilarating multimedia effects are achieved without overloading the server. It is this Silverlight development capability of isolating processing on the client that creates a self-contained application out of the Portal.

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