Silverlight 5 Hosting – How To Fix Silverlight Isolated Storage Errors

Recently Microsoft launched Silverlight 5. Soon after we released Integrity 2.1 which was fully optimized to take advantage of the new Silverlight. One issue that we’ve had reported several times now is regarding Silverlight’s isolated storage, which Integrity uses to store certain types of map data locally for better performance and user experience.

How to fix isolated storage error in Silverlight:

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  • If you receive an error “Silverlight Isolated Storage” that means your application settings were reset inadvertently during your upgrade from Silverlight 4 to Silverlight 5.
  • To resolve the isolated storage issue, click “OK” then right click on the loading screen or just wait till the map loads – either way, right clicking will give you a single option that says “Silverlight”. Go ahead and click that.
  • A menu will open for Silverlight’s settings – click on the “Application Storage” tab.
  • In the bottom right there should be a single check box titled “Enable application storage”. This needs to be checked.
  • If it’s unchecked, just check it and click “OK”.
  • Exit out of your browser and restart it. This should resolve the Isolated Storage error.

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